Merchant cash advance, advice and documentation

In this post, we will see all the documents that can usually be requested at the time of requesting a merchant cash advance, and how to increase the chances of getting it- green touch – a cool site.

Credits for entrepreneurs: increase the possibility of obtaining it

There are certain measures or circumstances that increase the chances of getting a quick online credit for entrepreneurs. These are some of them:

  • Guarantee or guarantee in the credit to entrepreneurs: Having a guarantee or personal guarantee will increase the chances of obtaining a credit for entrepreneurs more suitable to increase the ability to recover from a default.
  • Be clear and concise: In the business plan you should explain as clearly as possible what the entrepreneurship project consists of and the purpose of the credit for entrepreneurs, providing proforma invoices, budget or justifications for said investment.
  • Do not hide information: It is preferable to be clear and sincere from the beginning, clearly explaining any circumstance that may affect the granting of credit for entrepreneurs.
  • Contribute part of the necessary amount. It is valuable, as far as possible, for the entrepreneur to place his own money for his new activity and not only settle with other people’s funds.

Credits for entrepreneurs: documentation

Generally, both banking entities and financing platforms may request the following documentation to study the credit to entrepreneurs.

Feasibility report and business plan to grant a loan for entrepreneurs

Carry out a market study, capturing the viability of the project. You can study there the market, the competition, the evolution of other companies, a SWOT analysis with difficulties, threats, strengths and opportunities, study the marketing 4Ps with a study of the sale price of your product or service, study of the distribution channels, a communication plan and a detailed analysis of the product or service itself.

DNI, Curriculum Vitae specifying work experience to grant a credit for entrepreneurs

If there is previous experience in the same sector of entrepreneurship, we would have to comment more in detail, it will be valuable given that you are no longer new to the sector or to entrepreneurship, you know how it works.

The contribution of personal references for a credit for entrepreneurs

Good references are always valuable both for looking for work and for creating your own through a venture. Search and request references to those people who can add great value to your request.

Justify the need for financing to get credit for entrepreneurs

Proforma invoices or budgets that justify the amount requested in the credit to entrepreneurs.

Authorization to request the CIRBE report for a loan for entrepreneurs

With this authorization, the entity may consult the debt capacity. Other financing platforms may request you directly in the CIRBE report that you can request from your Bank or the Bank of Spain.

Credits for entrepreneurs by Crowdlending

The crowdlending is no longer just financing for companies with more than 2 years old, you can apply for the credit as an entrepreneur and also with advantages over a traditional loan.

Loans at 3.90% APR

Thanks to the agreements we have with Reciprocal Guarantee Societies distributed throughout the national territory, entrepreneurs who request the loan, will be able to obtain a loan at 3.90% APR. You can request it without obligation.

A credit to entrepreneurs without consuming CIRBE

This is one of the advantages most demanded by the given companies, that with a loan does not increase the CIRBE of the company, that is, its future indebtedness is not affected by the present loan.

Credit for fast and agile entrepreneurs

The credit is fast, agile and all online. You will have a team of professionals who will help you with everything you need. You just have to complete a simple online assistant, and when you finish it you will see the next step to request your SGR endorsement.

Free total and partial depreciation with the credit for entrepreneurs

You can amortize your credit for entrepreneurs when you want without any cost, so you will reduce the interest payment.

Without additional products, only financing

With the credit for entrepreneurs, you will only get the financing you need, nothing more, neither cards nor insurance … just financing.